School Mosaics & Community Mosaics

with Joshua Winer, Artist and Teacher


Main Image

Lobby Mosaic
Handmade low-fire glazed tiles, glass tile, ceramic tile, mirror, colored grout
8 feet high x 12 feet long

The Reading Garden is a tribute and memorial to the school's reading specialist, Michelle Worthy. Michelle was a gifted teacher who inspired her students to master reading skills. The teachers chose this theme to honor their colleague, then created drawings that became the basis for the design. Michelle's dictum 'Read Like a River' provided the central image of the flowing river filled with words and sayings. 'Chickering School Grows a Garden of Readers' is a testament to the hopes of this community.

The faces of the children in the foreground are made from mirror. The students see themselves reflected in those faces. The books are hand-made glazed ceramic tiles that are based on illustrations created by fifth graders. The colored grout in the background blends from soft greens of the grass into the blues of the sky to create a continuous atmosphere of color.