School Mosaics & Community Mosaics

with Joshua Winer, Artist and Teacher


Main Image

Stair Hall Mosaic
Handmade low-fire ceramics, glass tile, ceramic tile, mirror, colored grout
18 feet high x 30 feet long

The Stanley School's mascot, the Stanley stallion, provided the inspiration for this design, which shows three mosaic stallions galloping up the central school stair wall towards a rising sun. A banner at the top says 'Soaring to New Heights / Striving For Success'. The school values are written on a colorful pennant flowing behind the horses' legs. Three children are riding a brown horse and carry a pennant that reads 'Follow your dreams'. They are chasing an iridescent Pegasus that is flying over the second level balcony.

The students at Stanley School love seeing horses flying along their stair. The silhouetted shapes bordered with mirror add life to the space and the bright tiles catch light from the skylights above. The horses are covered with handmade clay self-portraits made by the fifth graders, as well as images symbolizing global culture, aspiration, and community.