School Mosaics & Community Mosaics

with Joshua Winer, Artist and Teacher

Harvard University, The Graduate School of Design. Cambridge, MA. Masters in Architecture. 1986

Yale University. New Haven, CT. Bachelor of Arts. Major in Painting. 1978.

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Skowhegan, ME. Degree in Fresco Painting. 1976.

Joshua Winer / Mural Arts Studio Waltham, MA. 1992-present.
Design and fabrication of art for architectural environments, including mosaic murals on exterior and interior walls, painted murals, mobiles, memorials, decorative painting and historic mural restoration.
Registered Architect, Commonwealth of Massachusetts. License Number 8196. 1988-1993

Oasis High School, Mt. Pleasant MI 2012
'River of Life Mosaic'. Mosaic extending from school exterior entry into dining area.

Wayland High School, Wayland MA. 2012
'The LDA Memorial Mosaic'. Exterior garden mosaic memorial created by friends in honor of their classmate.

The Rashi School, Dedham MA. 2012.
'Sukkat Shalom Mosaic'. Interior mosaic in the Sukkat Shalom at school.

Stanley Elementary School, Waltham MA. 2012
'The Stanley Stallions'. Interior stair hall mosaic.

The Pike School, Andover MA. 2011
'Imagination and Creativity Mosaic'. Interior mosaic for the school dining room.

The John Eliot Elementary School, Needham MA. 2011.
'The Four Seasons Garden Mosaic'. Exterior mixed media 4 panel mosaic.

Solomon Schechter Day School, Norwood MA. 2011
'B'Yachad' mosaic, commemorating the school's founder, for stair hall lobby.

St. Joseph's School, Fort Atkinson, WI. 2011.
'Jesus the Fisher of Men', a mixed media mosaic frieze for the school lobby.

Thurgood Marshall Middle School, Pickering Middle School, Breed Middle School, St. Mary's Middle School, English High School, Classical High School (6 schools total). Lynn MA. 2011
Vitreous glass mosaic murals on city subjects, integrated into for the Lynn Arts Community Mosaic.

The Shore Country Day School, Beverly MA 2011.
Compass Rose Mosaic. Mexican glass 6 foot diameter medallion, for the entry to the Fine Arts Building.

The Chickering Elementary School, Dover MA. 2010.
'The Reading Garden'. Mixed media mosaic memorial mural for Reading Specialist Michele Worthy.

Canajoharie Middle School, Canajoharie NY. 2010.
Interior lobby 'Tree of Life' mixed media mosaic created by middle school students.

The Proctor Elementary School, Northborough MA. 2010.
Interior lobby 'Garden' Venetian Glass mosaic, created by students K-5.

The Joseph Case Middle School, Swansea MA. 2009.
Portuguese tile murals, on two walls next to the Media Center, working with 6th graders.

The John Eliot Elementary School, Needham MA. 2008-2009
Performing Arts Center Lobby Mural. School wide project for two semesters.

The Alcott Elementary School, Concord MA. 2005-2006
Staircase mosaic mural with handmade ceramics. School wide project for two semesters.

The Happy Hollow Elementary School, Wayland MA. 2005-2006.
Exterior entry mosaic mural, for 50th anniversary program in the arts.

The Claypit Hill Elementary School, Wayland, MA. 2004-2006
Exterior entry mosaic made from broken tile and mirror. School wide project for 3 semesters.

The Cottage Street Elementary School, Sharon, MA. 2004.
Interior entry lobby mosaic made from broken tile and found objects. School wide project. Mosaic 8' x 45'

Wayland High School, Wayland, MA. 2004.
'Originality', a reinterpretation of the Monopoly game board with the Senior Art Class. 30 x 30' .

The Collicot Elementary School, Milton, MA. 2004.
'Tree of Life' interior mural with all grade levels, including 5th grade class project. 10' high x 25' long.

The Loker Elementary School, Wayland, MA. 2003.
6 exterior murals (one per grade level) interpreting curriculum issues within variations on a circle motif.

The Pine Hill Elementary School, Sherborn, MA. 2003.
Main building entrance lobby interior mosaic mural made with glass smalti from Mexico, oval 10' x 16'.

The Belmont Day School, Belmont, MA. 2002.
'All the World's A Stage' traditional mosaic mural for the theater building entrance lobby. 5' x 8'.

The Sam Placentino Elementary School, Holliston, MA. 2001.
Mobile and mural for building lobby, created as a memorial to the Superintendent of Schools.

The Bowman Elementary School, Lexington, MA. 2000.
'The Immigration Story': 5 murals with five fifth grade classes on the theme of immigration.

The Meadowbrook School, Weston, MA. 2000.
'The Meadowbrook Mosaic', an 8' diameter glass tesserae mosaic mural created with the school community.

Watertown Middle School, Watertown, MA. 1999-2000.
A memorial mobile in the Watertown Middle School, in honor of Peter Clough, Global Studies teacher.

Watertown High School, Watertown, MA. 1998-1999.
A memorial mural in the Watertown High School, in honor of Meredith Kamm, a former student. Mixed media.

Geneva Malenfant Memorial Mosaic, Cambridge, MA. 2011-2012
Exterior memorial mosaic frieze, to commemorate housing activist Geneva Malenfant. With David Fichter.

The Lynn Arts Community Mural, Lynn, MA. 2011-2012
Monumental historical and community mural, with mosaics from the Lynn schools.
With David Fichter and Yetti Frenkel.

Lawrence Community Works, Union Crossing Building. Lawrence, MA. 2011
Elevator lobby mosaic to celebrate mill refurbishment into housing. With Yetti Frenkel.

The Beverly History Mural, The Shore Country Day School. Beverly, MA. 2011.
Panoramic history mural for the school library. With David Fichter.

The Eagle Hill School, Hardwick, MA. 2007-2008
Cultural Center Mosaic Mural, created with students and staff for the lobby of their new building.

The City of Wayne, Community Development Office. Wayne, Michigan. 2007-2008
Exterior historical mural on downtown Deco-Theater façade. With David Fichter.

Port of San Diego, San Diego CA. 2004-2005.
Exterior trompe l'oeil mural façade with cutouts and sculptural elements. Public design competition winner.

Brush With History Mural Program, Ottawa Illinois. 2004.
Creation of exterior mural entitled 'Ottawa Celebrates the 1950's', one in a series of citywide history murals.

Loews Theaters, The Harvard Square Theater, Cambridge, MA. 2004.
Trompe l'oeil cinema façade with life size characters from the history of cinema.

Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation, Brighton, MA. 2002-ongoing.
Murals for three Massachusetts Turnpike underpasses connecting Brighton to Watertown.

Chateau Picomtal, Crots, France. 2000-ongoing.
Murals, trompe l'oeil, decorative painting and restoration in a Renaissance castle in southern France.

The Cambridge Arts Council and Gravestar Development, Inc., Cambridge, MA. 2000.
'The Cambridge History Mural', an exterior mural depicting a 19th century Cambridge streetscape at fill size.
Public Design Competition winner. 225' long x 20' high.

Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, Boston, MA. 1996.
'The Legal History of Massachusetts', an interior lobby mural with historic figures in a courtroom setting.

The City of Brookline, Department of Community Development, Brookline, MA. 1995.
'The Kennedy Family Mural', an exterior mural in the original Kennedy family neighborhood.

The C&R Management Co, Inc., Newton, MA. 1994-1995.
Architectural trompe l'oeil mural for the Chestnut Hill Mall. 1/2 mile long x 12' high. 1995.

The Prudential Center, Boston, MA. 1994.
'The Elephant Murals', created for the reopening dedication ceremony of the Prudential Center retail court.

Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for Aged, Boston, MA. 1994.
'The Blue Hill Avenue Mural', an interior mural of early 19th century Jewish Boston. 100' long x 10' high.

Architectural Heritage Foundation, Boston, MA. 1986-1993.
'The History of Boston City Hall', a suite of interior lobby murals on Boston's Freedom Trail.

Chesterwood Museum and Sculpture Park, Stockbridge, MA. 1993.
'Trompe L'Oeil Garden Gate', for the 1993 Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition. Painted sculpture.

The S&S Restaurant, Cambridge, MA. 1991.
Exterior trompe l'oeil mural façade, painted sculptural time clock, painted freestanding portrait.
Awarded the Boston Society of Architects 1991 'Prize for Design Cooperation', with Prellwitz-Chilinski Architects.

The Newbury Street Mural, Boston, MA. 1991.
'A Celebration of the Arts', a 50' x 50' architectural façade with historic portraits. Public Competition Winner.

The Harvard Square Theater, Cambridge, MA. 1983-1986.
'The Harvard Square Theater Mural Façade', exterior mural, 60' high x 30' wide. Design Competition Winner.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), Boston, MA. 1986.
Construction Fence Mural Painting Program, with students. 12' high x 250' long.

The Hartford National Bank, Hartford, CT. 1985.
Cafeteria mural call 'The Great American Porch Mural'. 8' high x 25' wide.

Waltham Mills Mosaics Studio, Waltham, MA. 2009-ongoing
Founder and Instructor of mosaics school offering workshops and classes in a variety of media and techniques.

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI. 1996-2006
Master muralist teaching program: classes in mural design and painting, trompe l'oeil and mosaics.

Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA. 1996-2001.
Master muralist teaching program, teaching mural design and painting by creating murals in the community.

Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA. 1992-1999.
Visiting Critic for course in Architectural Ornament (with architect Kimo Griggs).

Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA. 1993.
Instuctor of 'Mural Design and Painting, Interior and Exterior Murals'.

The Kendall Center For The Arts, Belmont, MA. 1992-1999.
Instructor of trompe l'oeil painting, mural design, and mural painting.

The Mayor's Office of the City of Cambridge, Cambridge, MA. 2000.
Citation of Excellence for 'The Davenport Street Mural'.

The Erie Canal Museum, Syracuse, NY, 1998.
Finalist for Mural design competition on the theme of 'The Erie Canal'.

The City of Nashua, New Hampshire, Nashua, NH. 1996.
Finalist for Mural design competition on the theme of 'History of Nashua'.

Architectural Heritage Foundation, Boston, MA. 1993.
Public Dedication of 'New Architectural Murals in Boston's Old City Hall, by Joshua Winer'.

Chesterwood Museum and Sculpture Park, Stockbridge, MA. 1993.
Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood, exhibition of 'Trompe l'oeil Garden Gate'.

The Boston Society of Architects, Boston, MA 1991.
1991 Public Design Award winner, for Design Cooperation (with Prellwitz-Chilinski Architects).

The Newbury Street Mural, Boston, MA. 1991.
Public Design Competition winner for the Newbury Street Mural.

The Cyrus Dallin Museum Lecture Series, Arlington, MA. 2000.
'The Murals of Greater Boston'.

Kendall Center For The Arts Lecture Series, Belmont, MA. 1992-1998.
'The Murals of California. 1997. 'The Frescos of Mexico', 1996.
Also, Director of 'the Mural Lecture Series', featuring muralists from around the world.

Restorations 1995, Baltimore, Maryland. 1995.
'Mural Design and Painting: The Technical Issues'.

The Wang Center for Performing Arts, Boston, MA. 1994.
'Architecture as Art' for the Young at Arts Program.

Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, Boston, MA. 1993.
'Historical Murals and Their Relationship to Architecture'.

The Boston Society of Architects Lecture Series, Boston, MA. 1993.
'Muras, Trompe L'Oeil, and Architecture'.

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME. 1985.
'Mural Painting and Trompe L'Oeil'.

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