School Mosaics & Community Mosaics

with Joshua Winer, Artist and Teacher

The Chicago Mosaic School

This is an excellent school for studying the materials and methods of the mosaic art form. When you are there, you must see all the great public art mosaics of Chicago.
The Institute of Mosaic Art

This school was started by mosaic artist Laurel True, who is a leader in all kinds of community mosaic work. The school offers a wide range of courses in mosaics.
SMAM (Society of American Mosaic Artists)

This is the professional society for American mosaic artists. It has annual events and provides an excellent service for connecting mosaic artists to each other and is constantly expanding knowledge of mosaic materials and methods.
Mosaic Arts Now

Mosaic Arts Now is a blog that features lots of interesting articles and artists about both contemporary and traditional mosaics.